Our Story

Twisted Pair has been in business since 1980 because our principals recognize that telecommunications needs are more a moving picture than a snap shot.
Network grid in front of group of peopleNetwork grid in front of group of people
The days of a stand-alone telephone system are long gone. Today, your telecommunications system is an integrated functional solution that must interact with your servers, your employees' laptops, cell phones, remote systems, home systems, video systems, and probably systems that are still on a laboratory drawing board somewhere in Europe, Asia or Silicon Valley.

Twisted Pair has been in business since 1980 because our principals recognize that telecommunications needs are more a moving picture than a snap shot. While our competitors have fallen by the wayside, from giants like Pacific Bell to small companies with an average life span of four years, we have survived and thrived. Since day one we have understood the value of selecting and implementing systems that have not only current but also future capabilities-systems that will meet business needs for years to come.
There was a time when voice mail was new and misunderstood. When competitors told customers that they didn't need voice mail, we explained why one day they would. When competitors told customers that they could install a less expensive system, we explained the difference between long-term value and making decisions based on the low-cost option of the day. We eventually saw the expense many companies incurred by taking the short-sighted, low-cost path when they believed voice mail to be a bell-and-whistle, and it instead became a fundamental and required business need. Entire new systems were required.
We are again at that fork in the road.
With the advent of VoIP (Voice over the Internet), Unified Messaging, Data Integration and Webinar-type applications, today's decision makers might well recall the lessons of voice mail. It will be more costly than ever to take a short-sighted approach and buy the wrong system in lieu of investing in one that has the appropriate and cost-effective ability to move its technology forward as business needs advance.

The Twisted Pair team aims to become a valued consultant to its clients. Our proposition is simple: We offer our experience to make sure you have the appropriate telecommunications solution for your business—one that will improve business results by enhancing employees' capabilities, one with a large enough engine to provide for growth, and one that can adapt to change.

Our principals together have more than fifty years of experience in the telecommunications industry. They are business owners who understand the issues business owners face. Our ideals are similar to yours: value, security, efficiency, versatility, customization, and staying several steps ahead of the game. If you have a need for a telecommunications system that helps you serve your customers, generate new business, and maximize employee productivity, we can help. We will design, install and service a system that will enhance your business…or we will tell you upfront if we cannot.

​​​​​​​Let us do our thing so you can do yours.

Our Sweet Spot

  • Up to 200 workstations, anywhere in the world
  • World-class interoperability at multiple sites
  • Audio, video, wireless, teleconferencing
  • Minimize toll and routing expense
  • Company HQ or Regional Office within 150 miles of San Francisco