VIP software and User's Guides

Important notes:

  • VIP is available in two editions:
    • Standalone edition (SE) (currently version 5.2.4).
    • Microsoft Outlook-integrated edition (currently version 3.16.8).
  • Version 3.15.3 (or higher) of the Outlook-integrated edition of VIP is compatible with Windows® Vista (as well as Windows 2000 and Windows XP).
  • Any version of VIP SE is compatible with Windows Vista (as well as Windows XP).
  • Any 64-bit version of Windows is incompatible with VIP.
  • VIP and ESI Personal Programmer are mutually exclusive.
  • Before downloading VIP, consult your ESI Reseller (who is responsible for your ESI technical support) to confirm that it will work with your particular system installation.
  • Licensing controls whether, when installed on a user's PC, VIP SE 5.2.4 or VIP 3.16.8 will take the form of a particular VIP application.
  • A user can change editions of a VIP application — i.e., from VIP SE to the Outlook-integrated edition of VIP, or vice versa — at no charge. For example, a licensed VIP ACD Agent user who currently has the Outlook-integrated edition can change to VIP ACD Agent SE at no charge. However, to change editions, the user must first uninstall the currently installed edition (via the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel), to ensure there is no conflict when the new edition is installed.
  • Carefully follow the installation instructions in the VIP Setup and User's Guide.


    • If the VIP Installer prompts you to Repair or Remove VIP, this means that VIP is already installed on this PC. In that case:
      1. Select the Remove button (it will mention your installed VIP version) and click Finish.
      2. When the removal is complete, run the VIP Installer again and, this time, click Install to install VIP.
    • Additional step ONLY if you are licensed for VIP ACD Supervisor . . .
      In order to run reports, VIP ACD Supervisor users must install Crystal Reports separately. To do so, follow this procedure AFTER installing VIP :
      1. Download the self-extracting archive for CRMerge.
      2. Run the archive to extract CRMerge.msi (or CRMerge).
      3. Run CRMerge.msi (or CRMerge).
      ESI updated this link at approximately 12 noon (Central time) on June 2, 2008. This file needs to be run only once; so, if you downloaded it (on or after June 2, 2008) and already ran it for a previous VIP installation, you don't have to run it again. Similarly, future VIP versions won't require reinstallation of the CRMerge file. However, if you previously ran a CRMerge file that had been downloaded before 12 noon (Central time) on June 2, 2008, you will need to download and run this file.
    • Additional step ONLY if you are licensed for VIP Softphone AND will be using a Plantronics headset with your PC . . .
      Do the following AFTER installing VIP :
      1. Download the self-extracting archive for the Plantronics_Device.msi driver installer.
      2. Run this archive to extract Plantronics_Device.msi (or Plantronics_Device).
      3. Run Plantronics_Device.msi (or Plantronics_Device) to set up Plantronics headset use on your PC.
      This file needs to be run only once; so, if you already ran it for a previous VIP installation (or installed the Plantronics driver for any other purpose), you don't have to run it again.
  • Use the VIP ACD Supervisor documentation only if you are licensed for that particular VIP application.
  • Each document is a standard .PDF file. If you have difficulty viewing its contents, visit this page on the Adobe Web site to obtain the free software application, Adobe Reader.
  • If you're just curious as to what the various VIP applications are, visit the VIP section of ESI's Web site.

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