Our Services

We will design, install and service a system that will enhance your business…or we will tell you up front if we cannot.​​​​​​​

Our Sweet Spot

  • Up to 200 workstations, anywhere in the world
  • World-class interoperability at multiple sites
  • Audio, video, wireless, teleconferencing
  • Minimize toll and routing expense
  • Company HQ or Regional Office within 150 miles of San Francisco
Years ago we offered a telephone system that was truly the only product that could do Least Cost Routing. What is that? Back then it was the only way to save real money on transmission (long distance) services. It was real money when it cost nearly $1 to call across the bay. Small businesses had thousand dollar phone bills.

We soon learned that "being able to do it" was a long way from implementation. First, we had to learn the boundaries of the local Pac Bell zones. Second, we had to learn how to program them into the phone system (and the programming was different for every location). Finally, we had to learn which carriers charged how much for services, so we could recommend a group that would add up to savings.

None of this was easy. We ended up writing our own program to calculate local and long distance billing zones. We became one of the first telephone companies to be an Agent for then Pacific Bell. Ultimately we learned about the practices of several long distance companies. We became intimately familiar with not only their rates, but also with the increments in which they billed as well as their minimum call costs. We learned how they "ding" the customers and how to prevent that. In reality we were the only Bay Area company that really knew how to implement true least cost routing. We are still one of the very few companies who know how to interpret your telephone bill to find the costs you will never notice.
Today, the cost of long distance is minimal. The amount we can save a customer for call costs is measured in dollars not hundreds of dollars.
Web Meeting
Do you host webinars? Are you paying a small fortune monthly to do so? Maybe it's not a fortune; maybe just a few hundred dollars. We can provide the identical ability and you can invest once in the technology instead of paying every time. Repay the investment in a few months and bank the costs thereafter. No, it is not another product. One of our telephone system vendors does it with their system.
What is it? The ability to distribute incoming calls. Most systems do some form of this. However, to get to the level we can provide, competitors have a large surcharge. Many even require a separate system. We can distribute calls to a group, expand the group as you may need. We can route incoming calls by the originating number and deliver it to the proper recipient in your company. We can even do a file lookup and deliver that information with the call? Ok, it's not all included. But we can do it for all peanuts as long as your IT professional can do the part which interfaces with your database. Others can't do it at all. They have to sell an additional product. We can add reports, reader boards, supervisors—the whole thing.
Conference Calls
​​​​​​​ Are you one of the companies paying up to $1 per person per minute of conferencing. The same product that gives you Web Meeting gives you teleconferencing. How many at once? How about 100 or more, at no conference cost? Are you paying a few hundred dollars more for conferencing each month? Let's save that too.
Network Services
Not only do we understand the ins and outs of voice and data networks, we can recommend carriers with a full understanding of their true charges, true speeds and real value. When we recommend a carrier, it is with real reasons. The converse is this: we also know which carriers are more fluff than service. We know their sales pitches. We know the tricks and traps. We can help you avoid costly errors.
Do you have anybody working at home? We can provide 100% connectivity. Not only can they log in and have all the features of being in the office (voice mail, fax mail, email), but they can be in a call answering group as well. Check voice mail, email and faxes on your laptop or home PC. Being home is almost the same as being in the office.
Mobile Integration
Is your cell phone becoming an integral part of your business? We have software to integrate all facets of mobile commuting. One set of software allows callers to find you anyplace you may be, including on your cell. Set it up by time of day, by caller ID, even by your status (say, out to lunch). Another set of software allows you to walk into the office on your cell, place the cell phone into a cradle and transfer the cell call to another person in the office via your office system. Yet another, quite new, software suite takes twinning to the next level. Your PC (or laptop) literally represents your cell phone. It doesn't merely "twin"; it marries your cell phone to your office system and makes it part of the office system.
Presence Management
One of our products integrates a key fob or card RFID and a reader. You can monitor time, control access to areas of the office, even integrate with your payroll service. The swipe of a card can put your individual phone into night mode (playing your "Out of Office" message) as well as punching an employee in or out. This allows you to control access to sensitive areas. Not only do you know who comes and goes, but you can limit who has that ability.