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Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant

With the Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant, healthcare providers can overcome the barrier of distance, deliver better and timelier care to patients, and work more productively through face-to-face collaboration. As a purpose-built, entry-level telemedicine cart, VX Clinical Assistant is designed to deliver functionality, safety, and mobility within a medical environment. Clinical Assistant, together with the Clinical Presence System, comprises Cisco's telepresence solution set for medical environments.

Cisco TelePresence Clinical Presence System

Connecting clinical staff and patients for specialist consults is now easier than ever with this telemedicine solution designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. Clinical Presence helps maximize quality, mobility, and ease of use for a telemedicine environment. You can customize it to your requirements with a wide variety of choices.

Education Products

Cisco TelePresence Synch

This revolutionary technology transparently integrates supported interactive whiteboards with speakers and Cisco TelePresence C Series or MXP endpoints. Synch effectively converts a standard interactive whiteboard into a powerful multifunction collaboration tool that brings together "live," remote experts and classrooms.

Cisco TelePresence System Media P2

Experience the world in your classroom with the next-generation classroom distance collaboration solution � the Cisco TelePresence System MediaP2. Using the Cisco TelePresence System MediaP2, educators capitalize on multiple technologies in the classroom � including bringing a video call into an electronic whiteboard session � maintaining full electronic whiteboard functionality with Synch Technology.

Cisco TelePresence System Scholar

Take distance learning to a new level and experience the new way of learning with the Cisco TelePresence System Scholar. Flexible and modular, Cisco TelePresence System Scholar's touchpanel gives instructors control of digital sources and the ability to connect to sites anywhere.

Cisco TelePresence System Educator MXP

The Cisco TelePresence System Educator MXP is an ideal solution that can integrate with your existing room configuration to provide further touch control for calls and all your peripherals.

Cisco TelePresence System Extended Height Education Carts

Cisco TelePresence System Extended Height Education Carts Single or dual 58-inch commercial grade 1080p plasma monitors create a powerful telepresence setting for classrooms, instruction, or emergency operations.

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